July 28, 2014

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The Rabbi
Killing in my heart Print E-mail

There it was! Less than fifty yards from my office window! In broad daylight! Flicking its ears and flipping its tail! Munching on some of the prettiest tomato plants that I had ever grown! Plants approximately three feet tall with small, baseball-sized fruit soon ready to ripen to make bacon and tomato sandwiches, our favorites.

The funeral of Myron Doan: What a way to go! Print E-mail

Members of Falmouth Rotary Club knew that Myron was sick, seriously sick, but we were unprepared for his sudden passing. Several from our Club had visited him in the hospital as did I on the evening he had his heart attack. I found him with a former cheerleader from Morehead State University (MSU), and he was alert, cordial, and lucid. When we learned later that he had taken a turn for the worse and was in a coma, we were shocked and became aware more than ever of our own mortality. At his funeral, we sat as a group close to the front of the assemblage in the gymnasium of PCHS.

Shacking up: What’s the problem? Print E-mail

Focus: This is written primarily for those who cohabitate during child bearing age. Not hostilely conceived. Just to make the public aware of some of the issues facing all of us as this issue progresses.

I can remember when only low class persons shacked up, or more politely, cohabitated. I was speaking with a prominent man in an undisclosed location a few years past when I asked him how his daughter whom I had known via schools was doing. “She’s living with so and so,” he said without any hesitancy, implying that he saw nothing wrong with this development.

Materialism versus spiritual value Print E-mail

I closed last week’s article by saying that we put too much emphasis on material things such as money and cars and houses and land. I think that a further explanation is in order.

What’s wrong with having a healthy bank account? Or a nice, late model car? Or, a modern, convenient home? Or, a picturesque farm with a white fence? Nothing! Because we are taught in the Bible to be industrious, saving, and to care for our families and our fellow man. Orneriness and laziness are eschewed!

The basket has a hole in it Print E-mail

This article on the complex issue of poverty in our nation will not be satisfying to those who have overcome monumental obstacles in achieving a lifestyle of abundance. Neither will the wealthy find comfort in what is said. Nor will those who think our government should take care of the poor like what is said. As a matter of fact, I can think of no one who will applaud. But, if it helps us to think more clearly about the issues involved, then the pain of writing this will be worthwhile, particularly where children are involved.

I began my teaching career in Breathitt County and I taught language arts to the upper grades in a newly opened consolidated school. I was also basketball coach for the school and began in earnest to build a team from scratch. I had some fairly good players but needed a big boy to play center. And, there was one in my home room.

The passing of Floyd Wills, how I knew him Print E-mail

My first recollection of Floyd was at the cook-out which the Pendleton County Board of Education sponsored to get acquainted with me as its newly appointed superintendent. It was held at the Clubhouse at the Pendleton Country Club and Floyd Wills was the “engineer,” who oversaw the roasting of a hog near where the scoreboard sits today. I shook lots of hands that day, but I particularly remember shaking Floyd’s for he was missing some fingers on his right hand. So was I, and we immediately bonded as we discussed how we had lost our digits.

Too much government? Print E-mail

I was getting my haircut by a beautician in Pendleton County a year or so after I had come to Pendleton County as Superintendent of Public Schools. Another woman was waiting to have her hair trimmed and I engaged her in conversation. She told me that she had a 14-year-old son and a 12-year-old girl, both of whom were students in the public schools in Pendleton. I asked how they were doing, leaving the question open-ended.

Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good Print E-mail

I was passing thru our bedroom to dress for bed one evening this week when I heard an excerpt from the 10 p.m., news on a Cincinnati station. The news-lady flashed the picture of a male, about 30-years-old, who had been sentenced to 25 years in the state penitentiary. Why? He had made and sold pornographic videos of him having sex with a 11-month-old baby and raping a 9-year-old girl.

Losing one’s mate in marriage to death Print E-mail

Warning: this rabbi is not for persons under fifty years of age!

When a couple marry in their early twenties, the thought that one day, when they are old, that one of the two will become ill and pass on before the other seldom enters their minds. We blithely assume we will age together and ride off into the sunset, holding hands. Unfortunately, it seldom works like this!

Should husbands help out in the kitchen? Print E-mail

When I was growing up, I never saw my father cook a meal nor wash a dish. Therefore, I was a bit surprised when dad volunteered to help wash the pots and pans when Janice and I were taking care of him on Sundays when we lived in Elkatawa. He suffered from a severe case of Parkinson’s and had trouble walking, standing erect, eating, going to the bathroom, etc. Janice and I would take care of him occasionally to allow my mother to have some free time.


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